What we do

We provide addiction treatment for adults addicted to drugs or

alcohol, and support for their families and loved ones.

Please visit www.WhyAddicted.com or call 08000192911

Our treatment programme is split into three areas:



 Pre-admission, Assessment, Admission


 THE JOURNEY begins when a client makes contact with our admissions specialists.

We take the client through what we do, assessing:

1. The addiction
2. Physical and mental needs

3. Need for a detox

4. The desire to engage
5. Relevant funding options 

If needed, we arrange time with our consultant psychiatrist or addiction nurse.

They then make a recommendation to the admissions panel and an ADMISSION DATE to the treatment programme is confirmed.

This takes 24 hours or maybe several weeks if the client needs time to sort out their affairs.

Throughout this period we remain in contact with the client and open channels with their loved ones in order to provide them with support.

Once admitted, we assign a counsellor as well as a key-worker. In addition to this they have weekly feedback sessions with one of

our admissions team.



DETOX – for some clients, treatment begins with a detox monitored by our medical staff, counselling and admission teams.

GROUP THERAPY – we use counsellor facilitated group sessions to ensure clients benefit from the experience, honesty and challenge of their peer group.

ONE to ONES – clients will spend time every week on a one to one basis with their counsellor exploring their

addiction and understanding the damage it’s causing them and others. As well as this they also team up with their key worker looking at benefits claims, housing options and debt management.

COMPLEMENTARY TREATMENT – clients enjoy yoga, art, drama and music workshops
on a weekly basis. These bring a new dimension to life in recovery and provide a strong
therapeutic message in a more relaxed way.


AA & NA – during treatment clients will attend meetings every week.
This helps them build a strong support network, a notable feature of the Fellowship.


FAMILY CONFERENCES – the collateral damage of addiction can be massive. Families
are torn apart and left feeling used and hurt. We facilitate meetings for clients and families
in treatment to explore this and rebuild trust and reconciliation.


GRADUATION – this is an inspirational day for all of us. We come together – clients, staff

and visitors – to celebrate the successful completion of the front line treatment.

Aftercare and Reintegration


Following graduation, a client moves into one of our free AFTERCARE programmes, in Bury St Edmunds or London. On a weekly basis we welcome them to either facility for an aftercare meeting with their peer group and therapeutic team member.

12 STEP –  we encourage clients to actively follow a 12 Step programme with AA, NA or another mutual support group and to find a sponsor to support them.

REINTEGRATION SUPPORT – we help aftercare clients find volunteering opportunities and also return to work.

Our clients are encouraged to build a new life where they can become productive members of society and our iconic GREEN DOOR remains open for them if they need to check in.