Clinical Provision

Please visit for information on drug addiction and alcohol dependency

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Richard O’Flynn oversees our clinical team.

Richard has 33 years of psychiatry experience and specialises in liaison and substance misuse.

Moreover, he is keenly interested in alcohol & drug dependency; mood disorders (depression & bipolar); anxiety disorders; medico-legal assessment and specialises in eating disorders, pain management as well as psycho-physiological disorders.  



Specialist Addiction and Hepatology Nurse Lou Mascall manages day

to day medical health.

Lou trained at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridgeshire and has 34 years experience in both

General and Mental Health Nursing. She has a diploma in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Studies,

a Degree in Liver Disease, and has worked in the NHS, the private sector and forensics.


This quality of cover coupled with whole hearted commitment is part and parcel of the Focus12 family; a solid, devoted unit linking the counselling, admissions and administration team. It is this that makes clients feel safe and cared for throughout their stay.